‘A technology solution 
is more than the sum of its parts – a collaborative 
approach with an experienced partner who understands the project risks is key for 
the success of each project.'

With reore your first hand advice reflects
the support your operation will benefit from in any regarding ore processing matters.

Your technology consultant - reore.

A technology consultant is 'one who helps an organisation to solve issues, create value, maximise growth, and improve performance through the application of their knowledge, techniques and assets to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which that organisation may be lacking.' 

Source: IMC Australia 

Does Covid challenges your overseas business?

While global traveling is restricted under the covid situation and the future situation about how we are going to travel is uncertain it can be challenging for overseas companies to support their local business interests in Western Australia – reore offers case by case project support in various mineral processing related areas. reore acts as your local partner and subject matter expert.

Tailored Mineral Processing project engineering and operational support.

Each ore body, process, project, team and location is unique and challenges are part of each undertaking to improve or create. The type and level of support required to overcome those challenges are manifold. 
We support you in each step of the classic engineering approach from testing your idea, developing a concept, plan, design, develop and launching with a clear attitude of getting things done.
We work with your site team forging their ideas with the highest probability, lowest risk and the highest gain into real process optimisation and liberate their time to focus on the operation.
When projects moving into the operation readiness phase or your plant has to be re-started and ramped-up after a long shutdown or care and maintenance phase - we are your extra resource when time is critical.

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